Hospitality infrastructure for a modern world

With technology in the center, we are pushing smart buildings and guest experience to the next level. Having automation and insights-driven as part of our DNA, we are building highly scalable and resilient systems to bring a unique experience to our guests.

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Líbere Tech

Somos Líbere!

Born to disrupt the traditional concept of innovative accommodation from a new perspective: yours. Intelligent spaces, designed and dynamically adapted to your needs to make your stay a unique experience.

Líbere, as part of ALL IRON GROUP, has been created by the founders of Ticketbis (acquired by eBay in 2016). We are different, agile and dynamic with great growth. Our vision is to build the largest alternative to hotels in Europe.


To attract the largest number of guests we work on products such as Multi-brand website, Channel manager or Metasearch.

All this with a transversal automation layer to help our colleagues from the marketing department.


Your way, your rules. Through smart locks, home automation, sensors and flexible spaces we create unique experiences tailored for our guests.

The whole guest journey is automated with no human interaction, relaying on data to offer the best experience.

360 management platform

There are tons of property management solutions out there, but none of them would allow us to disrupt the business.

But we don't want to reinvent the wheel, so we are building an abstraction layer with our business logic on top of some bits of third-party services and some in-house ones. By applying the IoC principle, we decouple the implementation making it easier to replace the SaaS we rely on.

Data driven

AI to the rescue! Such a customized experience couldn't be offered without relying on data and machine learning algorithms.

We know data is everywhere, especially when you run smart buildings. One of our core products is focused on reducing energy consumption.

Cancelation prediction

We want to maximize ADR (average daily rate) and occupation and finding the right balance for both is an exciting challenge we continually work on.

Collaborative filtering for cross-selling

We offer products tailored for our inhabitants.

Líbere Tech


We are all part of the product team. It doesn't matter if you are Product Manager, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Site Reliability Engineer, Data analyst, Data Engineer or Product Designer.

  • Jose Gargallo


  • Victor Acero

    Software Engineer

  • Santi Saez

    Site Reliability Engineer

  • Santi Laresgoiti


  • Gorka Laucirica

    Software Engineer

  • Endika Gutiérrez

    Software Engineer

  • Amaia Zigorraga

    Product Designer

  • Orestes Cifre

    Software Engineer

  • Martina Larraza

    Data Scientist

  • David de la Varga

    Software Engineer

  • Alejandro Donoso

    Product Manager

  • Daniel García Pulpeiro

    Software Engineer

  • Mikel Arregui

    Product Manager

  • Marc Ortega Aguasca

    Data Lead

  • Jagoba Pérez Gómez

    Software Engineer

  • Emilio López

    Software Engineer

Líbere Tech

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At Líbere we are building hospitality solutions to bring a unique experience to our guests. Join a fast-growing startup!